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TOKAR Wire Tracker

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Brand: TOKAR
Category: Tools
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Connect the transmitter to the wire or cable you wish to locate. This can be done by attaching the clips or probes of the transmitter to the wire or cable.

Turn on the transmitter and the receiver.

Use the receiver to scan the area where you suspect the wire or cable to be located. The receiver will emit a sound or display a signal when it detects the signal from the transmitter.

Follow the signal until it reaches the strongest point, this is the location of the wire or cable.

If the device has the ability to identify the wire or cable, use the corresponding button on the receiver to display the wire or cable's identification information.

When you are done, turn off the transmitter and the receiver, and disconnect the transmitter from the wire or cable.

Keep the device in a safe place and make sure to check the battery status before each use.

Note: Some devices may have different instructions or additional features, so be sure to consult the user manual of your specific device for detailed instructions.

A wire tracker device is a tool used to locate and identify wires within a wiring system. It is commonly used in electrical, telecommunications, and network installations to locate and trace wires, cables, and other conductors. The device typically consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends a signal through the wire or cable being tracked, and the receiver detects the signal and displays the location of the wire or cable on a screen. Some wire tracker devices also have the ability to identify the wire or cable by its color, number, or other identifying features. The device is lightweight, portable and easy to use, making it an essential tool for electricians, technicians, and other professionals who work with wiring systems.

About this item

  • -- How to Use 1. Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch /Router/PC terminal. 2. Rapidly ind the target wire from among plenty of wire. 3. Compare the volume of the"tout"sound and the brightness of the signal indicator, Then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator.
  • -- Widely Applicable This instrument set is an ideal tool for technicians in installation and maintenance of weak current systems such as communication line and comprehensive wiring circuit. It is widely applicable to telephone systems, computer networks and other metal wire circuit and fields.
  • -- Professional Wire Tracker This professional wire tracking set is the latest instrument specialized in tracking of various commonly used cable and wire. The set composed of an emitter and a receiver and the pair allows us to find target wire among plenty rapidly and accurately.
  • -- Multifunctional Cable Tester It has other useful functions including continuity testing, network cable sequence collation, open/short circuit testing and DC level testing.
  • -- Track Multiple Cables This tracker can be use to trace a wide range of cable including telephone wire, computer network cable, TV cable and other weak current electric wires.

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